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Denison Hydraulic Pump

Parker Denison vane pumps

wide stock of single, double and triple pumps


Vane pumps have been specially designed for the high/low circuit. The combination of different cartridges in double and triple pumps allows low flow at high pressure (300 bar max.) and high flow at lower pressure.

  • Industrial Vane Pump – T6, T67, & T7 series
    • Single pumps T7BS, T6C, T6D, T7DS, T6E, T7E
    • Double pumps T67CB, T6CC, T6DC, T67EB, T6EC, T6ED
    • Triple pumps T67DCB, T6DCC, T6EDC
  • Mobile Vane Pump – T6 M Series
  • Thru Drive Vane Pump – T6 R Series
  • Mobile Pump for Cardan Mounting – T6CCZ Series
  • SDV Single/Double Medium Pressure Vane Pumps
  • Mobile Pump for PTO Mounting – T6G, T67G, T6ZC Series
Features: pressure up to 320 bar, wide speed range and low noise level.

The T6 and T7 series Parker Denison vane pumps comes with numerous application advantages:

  • High-pressure capability up to 320 bar.
  • Wide speed range (400 rpm – 3600 rpm).
  • High volumetric and mechanical efficiency.
  • Allows application in cold environment.
  • Designed with low noise level characteristics.
  • High resistance to particle contamination.
  • Customized installation with a large variety of options.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.