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Triple hydraulic Pump

Sanlian hydraulic pump, also known as Sanlian hydraulic gear pump, is a relatively large hydraulic pump machinery. The triple hydraulic gear oil pump adopts an axial compensation structure, which has the characteristics of high pressure, good structure, reasonableness, good performance, low noise, high efficiency and stable operation. It is divided into one in three out, two in three out and three in three out. Out, the use of better sealing technology, so that there is no gap between the pump body and the pump body, so that the hydraulic oil does not flow between the pump body and the pump body, so that one drive shaft drives the three hydraulic pumps to operate at the same time.

  Our factory has also developed quadruple pumps, quintuple pumps and other products. The triple hydraulic pump has a variety of flanges, a variety of output shafts, and a variety of oil ports to meet the needs of different customers for this product.