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Quadruple Hydraulic Pump

Some customers asked about the difference between the quadruple hydraulic pump and the triple pump in the hydraulic system. This point depends on the specific system. It also depends on which part the “hydraulic pump” refers to.

If the small excavator is the throttling system of the quadruple hydraulic pump, as long as the coupling that transmits the power is not broken and the pilot pump has no other faults, the pilot pump will work normally. If the pilot system has no other problems, the pilot will work normally. But if there is a problem with the main pump, only the pilot is not working properly.

   If the load is sensitive, there are single pump with pressure reducing valve type and main pump with pilot pump type. The former has problems with the main pump and the pilot system will cause problems, while the latter is the same as the aforementioned throttling system.

   The above-mentioned medium digging is basically the pilot pump alone. Generally, the pilot is connected in series with the main pump coupling. As long as there are no problems with the connecting shafts, they will generally not affect each other.

   There is a separate pilot pump driven by a transfer case for the pilot flow demand meeting for large mining and above. The relationship with the main pump is even smaller