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Plunger Pump

Piston pump features
high efficiency
When the pressure is at 16MP and the revolution is at 1800r/min, the volumetric efficiency is greater than 98%, and the total efficiency is greater than 90%, which has the highest efficiency. Low noise, reliable quality and low failure rate.
Low noise
The noise of A16 pump is lower than 57.3dB(A).
Because the total efficiency is high and has good interception characteristics, it can save input power.
Low heat
Because the power loss is small, the liter N of oil can be reduced, and the capacity of the oil tank can be reduced.

Scope of application

At present, it is widely used in China’s plastic machinery, hollow molding machinery, rubber machinery, die-casting machinery, and forging machinery, and enjoys a high reputation for reliable quality and low failure rate.

In the process of daily purchasing, how to choose a plunger pump and what are the precautions?

1. First of all, when purchasing a plunger pump, the salesperson must establish relevant product information, such as model specifications, raw materials, specifications, etc. According to the comparison, the salesperson can accurately distinguish whether the product meets their own requirements.
2. Secondly, check the quality information content of the product. Such as the date of manufacture, whether there is a certificate of conformity, whether there is a qualification certificate required by the manufacturing industry, whether it has been verified by the original factory, etc., products with such quality inspection information are worth buying and are trustworthy .
3. Once again, when the salesperson buys the plunger pump product, he needs to pay more than the market price of the product, and bring a lot of relevant plunger pump stores on one call. You can inquire about the quotation of the product. Get into the pit and get twice the result with half the effort.
4. In the end, the salesperson can select the plunger pump manufacturers with overall strength in the sales market as the top priority, and purchase their products. Well-known brands have the overall strength and are more assured.