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Specially customized hydraulic pump/motor

Product Introduction

In the design of hydraulic transmission systems for certain special applications or forward-looking projects, designers may encounter the problem of not having suitable hydraulic components to choose from. Based on the concept of “responding to cutting-edge technology needs and focusing on special application areas”, when the general-purpose hydraulic components on the market cannot meet the needs of use, the company can provide a complete set of solutions, and customize the development of hydraulic pumps with special technical requirements on demand/ Motor, hydraulic valve, hydraulic cylinder and other supporting hydraulic components.

For custom-developed hydraulic components, the minimum order quantity or R&D cost sharing issues are usually involved, which is determined by the supplier and the buyer through negotiation.

Typical case: underwater drive hydraulic motor

▶HYC-M11F series high pressure plunger motor, suitable for driving underwater equipment such as sea water drainage pump 5bf3cbcfdb073.jpg

▶Allows very large axial thrust or pulling force to be applied to the shaft end

▶Built-in bearing flushes the oil circuit, bearing life is longer

▶External parts are made of seawater-resistant stainless steel

▶The seal can be pressurized in both directions, allowing immersion in deep water

▶The appearance is streamlined design to reduce water flow resistance

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