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Double hydraulic pump

The double hydraulic pump is an assembly that relies on a pair of gears to boost the oil. There are a pair of gears in the pump body. The shaft gear is the driving wheel and the shaft gear is the driven wheel. Power is input from the driving wheel, which drives the driven wheel to rotate together. When rotating, a partial vacuum is formed on the left of the gear meshing area. The pressure drops and sucks the oil into the pump. The gear continues to rotate. The sucked oil is transported to the right of the mesh along the inner wall of the pump body. Transport to the parts that need lubrication.

Anti-leakage: In order to prevent the double hydraulic pump from leaking, there is a sealing gasket at the joint of the pump body and the pump cover (the shape of the gasket is the same as the joint surface of the pump body and the pump cover), and the end of the driving shaft gear is filled. Gland leak-proof device, composed of packing and packing gland bolt group

   Disassembly and assembly sequence: pump body-active shaft and driven shaft-gasket, pump body positioning pin-screw-packing-gland

  Tolerance fit between parts of double hydraulic pump

  1. The gear end face is 32K6 between the pump body and the pump cover;

  2. The tooth tip circle and the inner hole of the pump body are 48H7/d7;

  3. The two supporting shafts of the driving shaft gear and the driven shaft gear and the pump body and the lower shaft hole of the pump cover are middle 16H7/h6;

  4. The bore diameter of the packing gland and the pump body is 32H11/dl1.

  Other technical requirements

   1. After assembly, it should rotate flexibly without jamming;

   2. Paint green on the unprocessed outer surface after assembly.